35 weeks pregnant pain at top of stomach

35 weeks pregnant pain at top of stomach

I am almost 35 weeks pregnant (this sunday) with my 3rd child and i have been having this pain in the top upper right side of my stomach. It feels like my muscles are being pulled or stretched from the weight of the baby.

Conditions that can cause stomach pain and need to be checked urgently include ectopic pregnancy. This is when a fertilised egg implants outside the womb, for example in a fallopian tube. The pregnancy cant survive and needs to be removed with medicine or surgery.

4 weeks 5 days pregnant today! Suffering with heartburn, keep getting the odd pain in my left side of my lower stomach.

Stomach tightening may start early in your first trimester as your uterus grows. As your pregnancy progresses, it may be a sign of a possible miscarriage in the early weeks, premature labor if you arent due yet, or impending labor. It can also be normal contractions that dont progress to labor.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease -- also called gerd or heartburn, due to the burning pain it causes in the upper abdomen or chest -- is common in pregnancy, affecting up to 80 percent of pregnant women, a 2012 bmc gastroenterology article reports.

For few weeks now i have pain in my upper middle stomach while im 30 weeks pregnant. I went to my doctor and he sent me to the hospital they did check my gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys no problems. Also they did some blood work and urine tests no problem, but the pain did not go away.

Abdominal pain during pregnancy is common, but it can be concerning. It can be sharp or dull pain and can be difficult to diagnose. There are times when your stomach pain could be a sign of something more serious. We explain what to look out for, what pain is considered normal, and when you should call your doctor.

Mom answers (7) best answer im 36 weeks pregnant and the pains started last night it felt like someone was stabbing me still have the pains today and ive also noticed an increase in discharge. I started having this pain today when i woke up from a nap on my.

I am 35 weeks and have had this pressure pain for about 3 weeks now. Backache, pressure pain and pain in my stomach, slight contractions, im exhausted,so i understand what most of yous are going through, hang in there were almost there.

Upper abdominal pain during pregnancy is not always because of bloating or expanding stomach, but can also be an indication of some devastating pathologies such as those mentioned below. Each one is a serious condition during pregnancy and can result in disastrous results if left unchecked during pregnancy.