5 facts about the coast guard and their responsibilities

5 facts about the coast guard and their responsibilities

Coast guard took part in the greatest amphibious operation the world had ever seen.

Coast guard has a unique job in the military, with a role in law enforcement and a role in war. Its 42,000 active duty members, as well as its 7500 reservists and 30,000 members of the auxiliary, are called guardians.

To commemorate the 225th birthday of the united states coast guard, the uso compiled a list of fun an interesting coast guard facts. Read on for 25 facts you may not already know about one of the united states oldest organizations.

He is still the oldest lighthouse keeper on record in fact, christy was appointed to his post in 1853 at age 96, reminding us that were never too old to follow our dreams. The coast guard is a part of the department of homeland security. Since 2003, the coast guard has been a part of the department of homeland security.

It was estimated that 42,000 men and women were in active duty in the coast guard as of 2012. 700 full time civilian employees, 32,000 auxiliarists and 7,900 reservists.

Taft established a commission on economy and efficiency under the direction of professor frederick a. Cleveland to recommend ways to increase the economy and efficiency of the government.

However, the coast guard is considered a military service, because, during times of war or conflict, the president of the united states can transfer any or all assets of the coast guard to the department of the navy. In fact, this has been done in almost every single conflict that the united states have ever been involved in.

A coast guard or coastguard, is a maritime security organization of a particular country. The term implies widely different responsibilities in different countries, from being a heavily armed military force with customs and security duties to being a volunteer organization tasked with search and rescue functions and lacking any law enforcement.

On this day in 1915, the united states coast guard was founded.

United states coast guard (uscg), military service within the u. Armed forces that is charged with the enforcement of maritime laws. It consists of approximately 35,000 officers and enlisted personnel, in addition to civilians.